100 PCS 6″ x 6″ Round End Heat Shrink Wrap Bags

100 PCS 6″ x 6″ Round End Heat Shrink Wrap Bags

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Product Description



Product Features

  • These shrink bags are flat 100 gauge PVC, and are 4″ x 6″ in size and do not have vent hole
  • Safe – FDA approved for food contact directly,free of lead and other toxins
  • Easy to use – It begings shrinking when heated by a hair dryer or a heat gun
  • Perfect for bath bombs – it can protect your bath bomb from bacteria,wraped with the shrink bags,the upscale bath bombs will be the ideal Christmas gifts
  • Multi-use – ideal for wrapping a very wide variety of products,bath bombs,hand made soap,essential oil dropper bottles and many other items


Step 1.Put the bath bomb in the shrink wrap bag

Step 2.Seal and cut off the redundant part with the impulse heat sealer

Step 3.Heat the bag with the heat gun until it begins shrinking

Step 4.It wraps the bath bomb completely